picture of Whitney Osei-Akintaju, Founder of Ethnic District
Whitney Osei-Akintaju | Founder, Ethnic District

I have always been proud of my Ghanaian heritage. When many saw Africa as a continent of civil wars and poverty, I saw a captivating culture deeply rooted in breathtaking art, fashion, and history, with plenty of opportunities. I believed this so much, that I decided to move back to Ghana in 2015, after living in the United States for over 20 years.

What I discovered within my first few months in Accra was a rapidly growing international demand for African inspired fashion items and a stagnant unemployment rate amongst youth adults age 21-35. With $80, an iPhone and a strong desire to impact, Ethnic District was created to help young artisans breaks through the international retail market. 

At inception, Ethnic District (formerly WO Marketplace) only offered made in African inspired products. We have since expanded to include ethnic fashion, art, home decor, beauty, and grocery items from designers and merchants all over the world. 

Our mission at Ethnic District is to provide an online community that allows people across the globe to access to authentic ethnic products at affordable prices, regardless of their geographic location. More importantly, we want to empower artisans worldwide to grow their business by enabling them with the tools they need to compete in the global e-commerce market. 

Thank you for your endless support of Ethnic District, its designers, artisans and small business owners all over the world, who work diligently to bring amazing products on this platform.

– Whitney