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Cities all over the world have ethnic districts where you can find traditional and authentic clothing, food and household products. These specific neighborhoods often have open air markets where local merchants gather to sell their wares.Here in the United States, there aren't a lot of traditional African markets, and most are small shops located in major cities. If you live too far away, you simply don't have access to some of your favorite brands, or you have to make do with the limited selection at your local supermarket.

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Supporting Local Businesses

Our founder, Whitney Osei-Akintaju, had a vision during one of her visits to her home country of Ghana: What if there was a place online where people could go that was just like one of those neighborhoods or marketplaces? A place where people could shop from a variety of merchants to find a familiar favorite or discover something new?

That was the day Ethnic District was born. Since then, we've developed partnerships with local merchants and top African brands to bring our favorite African cosmetics, food, clothing and household items directly to you. 


β€œI want you to experience Africa when you shop at Ethnic District--the beauty, culture, food, people, and the stories behind its makers.”

When I left Ghana at the age of six with my dad, I always promised myself that I would keep my Ghanaian culture close. Now a mom of two, it's even more important for me to be able to share my Ghanaian heritage with my daughters and friends. 

Whether you're shopping for a product from home or discovering a new favorite, I want you to feel welcome at Ethnic District and we hope it’s a one-stop shop for all your favorite African brands. 

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