Exfoliating Mesh African Sponge – Sapor

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The exfoliating African body sponge has been a staple in African homes for decades simply because it is great for daily use on all skin types…even SENSITIVE SKIN!

It’s intricate mesh detail allows it to easily lather bath soaps across the body and dry quickly, which prevents odor and bacteria buildup. Soft texture allows it to be used on children and people of all ages without causing any skin irritations.

Saves you money–can last up to a year!! Simply rinse after use and hang to air dry.

Multipurpose! Can also be used to wash dishes and clean your home.

  • Coral Pink
  • Dark Fuscia
  • Dark Green
  • Olive
  • Tan
  • Blue
  • Burgundy
  • Yellow
Estimated delivery between Oct 30th - Nov 3rd
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